Cascarino suggests how to make Nketiah a legend at Arsenal

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Cascarino suggests how to make Nketiah a legend at Arsenal

Eddie Nketiah is thought to be a dangerous striker, similar to Ian Wright, if he has another striker partner. Even though in the last game he scored a hat-trick against Sheffield United.

Tony Cascarino, a famous former striker, has come out to praise Eddie Nketiah for his explosive form, scoring the first hat trick of his career in the game where Arsenal defeated Sheffield United 5-0 in the Premier League last Saturday.

However, the former striker The Gunners It is believed that if he wants the 24-year-old to continue scoring goals, Mikel Arteta will have to find a partner to help in the front line as well.

“I watched Nketiah play and was thinking, ‘How good would he be if he had a good partner?’ If you could get someone to play with him, he’d be like Ian Wright.”

“He has quick feet. Make decisions quickly and is a natural finisher You can see that in games, but Ian always has a partner. Eddie doesn’t have that.

“He has to play the corners himself. Make yourself ready, run for holes, and I think he did a good job. He’s not a big man. I think it’s hard to expect him to score a lot of goals,” Cascarino told ทางเข้า ufabet