High fiber foods to cure constipation.

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But although fiber foods has many benefits to the body. But if eating too much, it may not affect the digestive system. Because it can cause bloating and distension. In general, you should get 20-35 grams of fiber per day. According to the Food and Drug Administration. The Ministry of Public Health has recommended. The amount of fiber that the Thai body should receive per day is 25 grams per day. And this is a high-fiber food that is recommended to be eaten for the intestinal system and good excretion.


It would not be wrong to call it a superfood. Because of this fruit It is a fruit that is very beneficial to the body. low sugar content and rich in fiber. Just one medium-sized apple has 4.4 grams of fiber. Suitable for people with digestive system problems. Or people who want to control their weight greatly.


Guava is another fruit that has been overlooked for its properties in relieving constipation. Many people may not know that half a medium-sized guava, or about 128 grams, can provide up to 4.7 grams of fiber, as well as being as high in antioxidants as other fruits UFABET


A vegetable that many people often confuse with spinach. with similar characteristics But the benefits of this vegetable are quite a bit. Because 1 handful of spinach vegetables has up to 7.5 grams of fiber and is also rich in iron to nourish the body.

White beans

If talking about nuts White beans are high in fiber foods. Just 100 grams of white beans contain 6.3 grams of fiber. White beans are also a popular weight loss food.